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I have been travelling for wildlife ever since I can remember. I grew up in a family who thoroughly enjoyed wildlife travel and spending time in the wilderness. I remember travelling to various parks since the early 1980s. Parks were very different then, there were hardly any tourists and there were almost no photographers. You could spend the day in the park and hardly come across anyone. 35-40 years later things are very different - world's 1/6th population now resides in India and there is almost no room for any wilderness. Yet we have a huge diversity of wildlife in the Indian Subcontinent. 

The various landscapes of the country is the main reason why we have about 10% of the wildlife species, yet the subcontinent is not seen as a wildlife destination. Did you know India has the highest diversity of wildcats in the world? or that 50% of the world's bear species are found in the country? Amazing right? This is why i wanted a platform to speak about wildlife and to showcase all that i found amazing about our natural heritage. There was no scope to get into the forest department or get higher education on forest management and wildlife conservation then, having no academic background i opted for my best option to showcase the world that i love dearly - tourism & wildlife photography.

I today head JungleSutra Wildlife Journeys a brand of Creative Travel that specializes in all kinds of travel curated around wildlife. We are today proud to be part of the only Virtuoso certified organisations for wildlife travel within the Indian subcontinent. So having travelled extensively today i plan and curate programs for wildlife travellers keen to visit the region, wildlife photographers, artists and even sculpture artists that travel for wildlife.

This is my way of creating awareness and gathering contribution towards conservations, sustainability and wildlife protection. I intent to use this website to showcase photos on my various journeys and through blog share what makes these regions dear to me. I hope i am able to inspire you to explore this beautiful landscape for yourself.





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